How did Protected begin? What was the original idea for the company?
It all began with a simple idea… Provide end-users with multiple security features in one easy to use application.

After a deep industry analysis we felt that despite the overwhelming number of legacy brand names there was still space for a newcomer within the market place.

What happened from there? How did you go from idea to product?
With that our marketing and software development teams began hard at work to produce a streamlined user experience across Windows, Mac, iOS & Android operating systems.

It didn’t take long for our feature set to evolve and quickly became the security suite we had originally envisioned.  

“By offering real-time Antivirus protection, Safe Browsing, Password Vault and even an AdBlock we quickly became an alternative option for home computer owners.

How have things grown in the first year?
The company continued to go from strength to strength and with the Microsoft certification announcement in June 2017 it wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

How are you staying ahead of competitors?
During the summer of 2017 we announced an exciting new partnership with credit monitoring experts, Experian, to provide U.S customers with advanced identity monitoring and alerts.

As the project grew the team did too, by mid-July 2017 we had a team of 50+ employees adding more talented personnel across both office locations in Venice, California and Hampshire, U.K.

2018 is right around the corner and we’re excited to see where the New Year will take us!



Sophy MacDonald
Director of Operations

Sophy organises cross-department efforts to ensure deadlines are hit and our technology products are continuously improving.

She works to bring everything,
and everyone, together.