A creative and inspirational engineering lead, Jay has architected and built impressive and highly scaled platforms and infrastructure that supports millions of users around the world with almost no downtime, and no disruption.

Responsible for ensuring our product is always at it's best, he has built a talented and dedicated team of passionate engineers who work continuously to develop our product.

"Small daily improvements are the key to big long term results. 

Not one for conformity, Jay has lead his team to engineer their own development tools, rather than choosing 'off the shelf' options, and has created a multitude of bespoke tools that suits the demands of our team and perfectly suits our product. 

Through dedication and relentless hard work, Jay has rapidly progressed to his current position where he leads the entire engineering team.




Jay has built the infrastructure of our product and he ensures it always runs perfectly.

With his dedication and passion for technology, Jay is the ideal lead for our engineering team.